New procedures for patients to follow regarding entering and exiting the office.

These are required to comply with COVID-19 regulations.

1. Please click on the button below to review the Patient Screening Form on our website as it will be reviewed with you when you arrive at our office.

2. You must wear a mask prior to entering our office and leave it in place until you are seated by a hygienist or assistant.

3. Your temperature will be taken by a touch less scanner before you can proceed past the receptionist.

4. When you arrive at our office, please call us at 301-695-9446 for instructions prior to entering.

5. Excluding children’s appointments, all other patients are required to be alone for their visits.


Click Here to review the patient screening form

Located on Thomas Johson Drive in Frederick, MD

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Modern Dentistry of Frederick offers a comprehensive practice emphasizing prevention of dental disease. Problems are detected early and intercepted.  There is no double booking so that one on one attention is provided for each patient. Time is important to everyone including us and our patients. Almost every patient is seen within five minutes of their appointment time and dismissed on time as well. Dentistry is important, but it is not the only commitment you have and we respect that. Referrals to specialist’s offices when necessary are based on a working relationship and years of experience so that we know the same level of care in our office will be offered to you at the specialist’s facility.

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